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Storing Your DCome: Ensuring Accessibility and Safety for Choking Emergencies

The DCome Choking Rescue Device is a valuable tool that can potentially save lives during choking emergencies. To maximize its effectiveness, it’s important to store your DCome in a convenient and accessible location. In this blog, we will explore some ideal storage options to ensure that your DCome is readily available when needed while maintaining its safety and functionality.

1. Kitchen Drawer or Cabinet:

The kitchen is often the most common area where choking incidents occur, making it a logical choice for DCome storage. Designate a specific drawer or cabinet in the kitchen where you can keep the device safely tucked away, yet easily accessible. Avoid placing it too high or too low, ensuring that it can be reached quickly in an emergency.

2. First Aid Kit or Emergency Supplies:

If you have a designated first aid kit or an emergency supplies box, consider including your DCome in this kit. This ensures that it is kept with other essential emergency items, making it easily identifiable and accessible during a choking incident.

3. Diaper Bag or Baby Essentials Bag:

For parents of infants and young children, storing the DCome in a diaper bag or baby essentials bag can be a smart option. These bags often accompany parents wherever they go, ensuring that the device is readily available in various settings, including restaurants, parks, or family gatherings.

4. Car Glove Compartment:

Choking emergencies can happen anywhere, including while traveling in a vehicle. Storing your DCome in the glove compartment of your car ensures that it is within reach during road trips, outings, or daily commutes. However, be cautious of extreme temperatures that may affect the device’s functionality.

5. Visible and Accessible Locations:

Regardless of where you choose to store your DCome, prioritize visibility and accessibility. Ensure that it is easily identifiable and not buried among other items. Consider using a labeled container or a brightly colored pouch to make it stand out, allowing quick retrieval during an emergency.

Maintenance and Safety Tips:

– Regularly check the DCome for any signs of damage or expiration dates.

– Keep the device clean and sterile, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Educate family members, caregivers, and babysitters about the location and proper use of the DCome.

– Periodically review and refresh your knowledge of choking rescue techniques and first aid procedures.


Storing your DCome Choking Rescue Device in a convenient and accessible location is crucial to ensure a swift response during choking emergencies. Whether you choose to store it in the kitchen, first aid kit, diaper bag, or car glove compartment, prioritize visibility and accessibility. By keeping the device in a designated place and maintaining its safety and functionality, you can be prepared to act quickly and effectively when a choking incident occurs. Remember, the key is to have the DCome easily accessible to potentially save a life during a critical moment.

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