Is DCome Anti Choking Device Safe?

In the critical realm of emergency response, the safety of medical devices is paramount. The DCome anti-choking device, with its innovative design, prompts a vital question: is it safe for use in choking emergencies? This blog post delves into the safety features of the DCome anti choking device, evaluating its design and effectiveness.

The Innovative Design of DCome

Central to the safety of the DCome anti-choking device is its departure from traditional designs that utilize a flexible laryngeal tube. By eliminating this element, the DCome device addresses several safety concerns:

  1. Elimination of Insertion Discomfort: Traditional devices often require the insertion of a tube into the respiratory tract, which can be uncomfortable and potentially traumatic, especially for conscious patients. The DCome device avoids this, reducing patient distress and risk of injury.
  2. Safety in Design: The absence of an elastic laryngeal tube in the DCome device minimizes the chances of incorrect insertion, a common risk in traditional methods, thereby enhancing overall safety during use.
  3. Child-Friendly Application: Without the need for a throat tube, the DCome choking device becomes more suitable and safer for children, whose smaller and more delicate airways make traditional devices less ideal.

Maximizing Negative Pressure Safely

The DCome device is designed to allow the user to apply maximum arm strength when pulling the piston rod. This action effectively generates a significant negative pressure, creating a vacuum to dislodge the obstruction without the risks associated with pushing air or objects further into the airway.

Comparative Safety Advantage

  • Reduced Risk of Injury: The non-invasive nature of the DCome device lowers the risk of causing additional injury to the patient during the rescue attempt.
  • Ease of Operation: The straightforward design enhances safe usage, especially important in high-pressure emergencies where complicated procedures can lead to errors.


It’s clear that its innovative design offers a significant improvement over traditional methods. By focusing on non-invasive, easy-to-use mechanisms, the DCome device provides a safer alternative for addressing choking emergencies, suitable for both adults and children. As safety is a top priority in emergency medical response, the DCome device stands out as a reliable and effective tool.

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